Weekly Prediction by R.G

08 August 2016 to 14 August 2016
Aries–:  There can be tension and depression that might affect your sleep pattern. The week does not seem to be very pleasant for you. Try meditation and getting back to the discipline again.
Taurus –: There are signs of isolation and loneliness. This week may end up being depressing for you.
Gemini –:  You will be receiving  a good massage this week although there will be delay , you should expect a messenger carrying a good news.
Cancer –: You are going though a difficult period in life right now.you will have to struggle a lot for this to get over.
Leo–: you may not be in the best frame  of mind for communications. You need to come out from your world of imagination and do some serious thinking. There is no point in dreaming about things beyond possibility.
Virgo–:  There is a possibility of you going through financial struggle. It would not be a good idea for investing your money a there might be a chances of losing it in near future.
Libra–: You may get over protective about your belongings. Avoid being judgemental. Be a little patients with things happening around you. Try to take things easy.
Scorpio –: You will be made to  take a very important decision this week. Pursue your vision and don’t confused. There may be  birth of a male child in the family.
Sagittarius –: your cards shows a very positive results. You will achieve great success in terms of education or finances.
Capricorn –: Tensions and disturbances will be cleared. You will receive a good news  from probably  a young person.
Aquarius –: Finally it’s time for you to get  a fruitful success after a long struggle and hard work. Your work will be applauded .you are sure to achieve amazing success.
Pisces –:  After a long period of struggle, you will get into power and have authority to take actions.

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