Breathe Move & Love

Project 3: Media Partner – 9 Gems of Life By Archna Mohan


Gem 1: Our FoundationFoundation

Gem 2: Breathe and Move (Part 1)

Gem 2: Breathe and Move (Part 2)

Gem 3: Embrace your Sexuality

Gem 4 : Shame , Vulnerability and Courage

When I was a little I always thought I am strong, I can reach sky, I am creative and I am always ready to reach out for people because that is what I am born with.

At home I was taught be smart, don’t be foolish, If you do things this way you will never win a friend. Winning is important, success is crucial. 

I thought why not try my raw self with my friends and family but I was discouraged, torn apart from what I believes in.

I put armour around me armour of Shame, Not enough, Not worth, Stupid, loser and I was safe in that armour.

My soul was dying sometime I can see but than my shadow side spoke to me that you need to be safe and secure so I tighten my armour more. 

One day I saw someone who can clearly see my tormented , broken part , my most vulenrable part, instead of judging she thought its beautiful and pure. 

She encouraged me to see people who can help me to get out of my own self-sabotage beliefs. I slowly realised this is my play, I am the director of this. I need to cat and play as I want.

I become free bird with time. Courage comes first with shaky legs, fast heartbeat because critiques are watching you all the time and waiting you to fall but than you have decided to stand again and again from each fall. You are in game of life. 

Our Vulenrability is the most purest form of anything inside us, it grows when we see it that way.

 Our shame is given by others but as we grow we make it work alone break the cycle of all the armour which is protecting it. 

Courage falls, roar but at the end it stand tall.