Astrology is a Science and an art. As you all know numerology is complete science in itself.  Based on astrology; each number has its own power, character, quality’s, aspects & drawbacks. Numbers follow us everywhere. Our alphabets of our name  to house number, mobile number to car number. By using birthday we can know lucky number, carrier, relations with family& success

Each number is governed by a planet. There are nine planets
As well as days of weeks also governed by a planet.

Days            planet              number

Sunday           sun                 1,   4
Monday          moon              2,   7
Tuesday          Mars                  9
Wednesday    Mercury           5
Thursday        Jupiter              3
Friday             Venus                6
Saturday        Saturn               8

The  day  a person is born is very important .
The  planet indicated by the day will activate from 20 to 50 years of age.


Zodiacal signs, months & Numbers

Aries  —  15th April to 15th May —–9
Taurus –15th May to 15th  june —-6
Gemini –15th June to 15th July —-5
Cancer –15th July  to 15th August –2
Leo       –15th Aug  to 15th Sept   — 1,4
Virgo    –15th Sept to 15th Oct     –5
Libra    –15th Oct    to 15th Nov  –6
Scorpio –15th Nov to  15th Dec –9
Sagittarius –15th Dec to 15th Jan –3
Capricorn — 15th Jan to 15th feb — 8
Aquarius —   15th Feb to 15 March –8
Pisces    — 15th March to 15th Apri–3
Sun changes it’s sign around 15th of every month.
According to Indian astrology.


 Number 1

If no.1 is present in a birthdate:
An individual can overcome his difficulties by using his confidence and positive thinking.

Number 1 governed by planet Sun. People who born on 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th come under this planet.A person who born  under the number ‘One’ will be creative , intelligent, inventive, positive thinker with good resistance power and determined.Number 1 people are ambitious, they desire to became head of whatever  their business or job or as a chief of any department. A royal person. Sun is life giving,  day vitality, strong will power to achieve  goals.Father, courage, boss large and round face, heart, eyes, bones.Because of creativity  they change their career every 3rd  year. They are interested in mental work rather than physical  work. They have ability of writing and literary work for journalism. They  cannot work under others.

By nature they are cheerful, happy n bright, gifted by intuition and are optimistic  in life.
They  are stubborn and independent in thoughts
Similarly  if number  3 is present in a birthdate person can get success because of blessing of God.
Number 2
Number 2 is Moon and no 7 is Neptune , no 7 is extreme to no 2  in characters, emotions , imaginations and moodiness of 2 . These  characters are extreme in 7.
   2 is water of Lake and  7 is water of sea.

  Number –2   (Moon)

People who born on 2nd, 11th, 20th &29 is governed by Moon.It has feminine attitudes.
They are gentle by nature, imaginative, romantic, motherly, artistic, restless, co-operative ,loving caring, emotional, lack of continuity and self confidence.
  They have some insecurities in their mind.
Number 2 persons are suitable for jobs or partnership not for independent business.
Moon represents the queen of the solar system so they  are positive and jealous.
Moon also indicate beauty, charm , fertility.
Number 2 people love water and they get success  near water. They have  ability to write short stories and poetry because  of imagination but short because of moodiness.
Relation between number 2 and 7
Number 2 is Moon and no 7 is Neptune , no 7 is extreme to no 2  in characters, emotions , imaginations and moodiness of 2 . These  characters are extreme in 7.
   2 is water of Lake and  7 is water of sea
Number 3
We need power of no 3 from birth to death ; each important part of life is organised  by planet Jupiter like childhood, education, career , marriage, family success and death also
Number 4
Number 4 gives up & down and unexpected happenings in life.
 In life ,even 2 also come in this  series.  So 2,4,& 8
Follow each other. If person is no 8 (born on 8th, 17th, 26th of any month) in their life 2,4,& 8 follow. Like vehicle no, phone no….
Partner or kids will be 2,4or 8 no
In such cases person can use lucky numbers to avoid troubles which  may rise because of this  repetition of 2,4 & 8 no .
In my experience 4&8 are good numbers. Very successful but after struggle and hard work.
To reduce struggle they should  use their lucky number frequently  in life.
Relation of no 1 and 4
Number 1 is Sun and  4 is Uranus.
No 1 represents energy  of the sun , Uranus indicates energy in form of electricity.
This energy of Uranus if not controlled may be destructive.
 Number 1 is intelligent, no 4 is extremely intelligent.
No 5 people
Who born  on 5th, 14th  and 23rd
No 5 people make friends easily because planet mercury gives them  blending characters.
They are quick  in thought and dision so they are impulsive in  their  actions .
They want quick money so they make inventions and new ideas.
Planet mercury gives speed, intelligence, communication, changeability and analytical power, sweet  speech, writing ability, scientific pursuit, diplomacy, practicality and tricky nature.
    People of 5th no they are physically and mentally active have fond of travelling.
They are chargeable in friendship, here two distinct  characters are found under this no  One is intelligent but unstabl.
Secondly have great degree   of business  mind and practicality.
   Generally mercuriyan   are versatile and lively in nature.
Carrier —  successfull in whatever  they accept  in life. Banking, law,mathematics, business, communication  are the suitable fields.
Number 6
Numbers 6 is for marriage. When Jupiter and Venus are weak marriages auspicious occasions should be avoided.
In a birthdate when both numbers are present the  person will be lucky.
     Number 3 and 6 together will give  strong financial position, early marriage and good family  but after some year there  will be sever marital troubles , because 3 no is religious and no 6 is luxurious by nature, so there will be difference of opinion between married partners, thinking of the partners will be different.
     Those who born on 6th, 15th, 24th of  any month will be from Venus family.
No 6 people are extremely magnetic
They attract others and loved by others. They are romantic by nature and devoted to  their loved ones, family and friends.
  They are generous to art so make most artistic houses and are fond of colours, painting and music.
No 6 people love  to entertain their friends and make everyone happy around them, they cannot stand jealousy.
  Venus is a female planet which govern beautiful , art , decoration, co-opration, sympathy, married life and emotions. A pleasant personality to be with, it is always charming to be with them.
They have vitality, warmth, beauty and attractions. They love to have life full of ease & comforts.
People from this family prefer to spending than saving.
Generally they do not angry but if concerned with their loved ones or family they can fight to death.

Number 7

People who born on 7th , 16th and 25th of any month they will influenced by planet Neptune.
    The planet Neptune has always considered as associated with the moon.
Number 7 is related to miseries.
7-  wonders
7- seas
7- colours of rainbow
7-days of weak
             They are shy. They are very independent, original and have strongly marked individuality. They love travelling and want to be free like birds. They have strong power of imagination and sensitivity so they can be writer poet or painter.
No 7  people have philosophical outlook of life. They become rich by their own original ideas or method of business.
They are generous  by nature and make donations for institution.
   They are interested in dealing with foreign country’s in export or import  and in sea products.
        They create their own religion.
These people usually have a remarkable dreams and a great learning of occultism. They have gift of intuition .It is a spiritual no.
No 7 people get  less than they desire and cheated in life
Relation between number 2 and 7
Number 2 is Moon and no 7 is Neptune , no 7 is extreme to no 2  in characters, emotions , imaginations and moodiness of 2 . These  characters are extreme in 7.
   2 is water of Lake and  7 is water of sea

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