Mum’s Talk

Our journey to Mum and your profession

Having a baby changes life, you must have read this thousand times from the time you start surfing on getting pregnant, baby and you, first time mum etc. Well I remember reading loads of articles and buying books on pregnancy and baby, of course your shopping list, your diet and the feeling of content is overwhelming. Every one of us have their unique experiences in this journey. Lot of valuable advice on Maternity leave, post maternity etc. but I have found very little advice for working mums who need to eventually manage their demanding job and little ones. Leaving jobs impact the personal finance and managing both is taxing on your health. I would suggest start thinking about developing multiple sources of income when you are trying to conceive, this is quintessential for self-employed mums but required for all of us. Those who are self-employed and happy with your business progress, try to create a product or model which works for you even when you don’t work (refer blog 2). So even if you work less your business generates money for you.
Those mums who are employees, you can create that second income depending on your skillsets and your interest. Concentrate on your strengths and start reading or learning more about it to make it your expertise. I have seen many mums who could easily find the business opportunity in their area of expertise. If you are unsure, need help and want to discuss with you peer group (other mums) then please leave your message at contact us page or leave your message down. We can see many examples now days where second income eventually turned up to be a primary source. Your name may come into that list if you are consistent and creative.

Finally: Lets Share Roller Coaster experience
My roller coaster experience was, when my little one turned one year and I had to leave her in nursery for whole day (8 Am to 6 Pm), 5 days a week. The first 3 months were emotional roller coaster, and there after I started practising balancing my office job and mum’s job only at the cost of 4 to 5 Hours sleep at nights for me, that’s not it. Your child often gets sick in first 3 years of their life to build the immunity. So, your nights with 4 to 5 hours of sleep turns to sleepless nights, when your little angel is unwell. Same thing happened with me and I soon realized that sleepless nights are actually making me less efficient both professionally and personally. So finally I made the decision to get down from the roller coaster and take a walk with my daughter holding her soft hand, being an audience for her show-offs, listening her self-composed nursery rhymes. And working only when she is at school or fasten sleep.

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