Profession of your choice

You may have not chosen the right profession at the beginning, don’t worry you are not alone 80% professional complains about it, but only 20% take the steps to change it. As a mum we cannot afford to be stressed and show weariness to our little ones, you know the impact needless to mention here.

I would like to tell one very interesting concept, which has changed my view on life and profession. The book name Flow from professor Seligman. It’s very simple and life changing theory of happiness and profession. If I have to explain the theory of Flow in my words. If you are workaholic and you love the state of being workaholic, then you are in flow, the best thing about the flow is you don’t feel the fatigue as you enjoy the work. Also to create a master piece flow is must. If you are not in flow in your current job you will feel overwhelming stress. Now the stress can be managed by multiple ways either improving your skills upto the level that you start enjoying your current job or by finding the profession which you know you will get the flow.

Mums, if you are not in flow with your profession, you must actively start thinking the next steps.