Attendees List

Attendees Status Pass no. Pass Sent
Reserved for Organisers Confirmed 1 Pass Sent
Reserved for Organisers Confirmed 2 Pass Sent
Reserved for Organisers Confirmed 3 Pass Sent
Reserved for Organisers Confirmed 4 Pass Sent
Reserved for Organisers Confirmed 5 Pass Sent
Reserved for Organisers Confirmed 6 Pass Sent
Reserved for Organisers Confirmed 7 Pass Sent
Reserved for Media Confirmed 8 Entry Pass Sent
Fempreneur Confirmed 9 Pass Sent
Reserved for Media Confirmed 10 Entry Pass to be send by 5th Aug
Aarti Nayak Confirmed 11 Passes Sent
Aarti Nayak Guest Confirmed 12 Passes Sent
Pawan Nayak Confirmed 13 Passes Sent
Sonam Goel Confirmed 14 Pass sent
Sonam Goel guest Confirmed 15 Pass sent
Sharmin Malik Confirmed 16 Passes Sent
Priyanka Jha Confirmed 17 Passes Sent
Shelly Juneja Confirmed 18 Passes Sent
Sharon Confirmed 19 Pass Sent
Divya +2 Confirmed 20 Pass sent
Pramod Confirmed 21 Pass sent
Rashmi Mennon Confirmed 22 Pass sent
Rahul mennon +1 Confirmed 23 Pass sent
Shruti Nimbalkar (-) Confirmed 24 Pass Sent
Sunita Mehta Confirmed 25 Pass Sent
Neha Shah Confirmed 26 Pass Sent
Jasmine Kotecha Confirmed 27 Pass Sent
Shweta Confirmed 28 Pass Sent
Kranti Gujar Bahushali Confirmed 29 Pass Sent
Sukanya dasgupta Confirmed 30 Pass Sent
Sharmilee sriram Reserved 31  Pass Sent
Shashi Sandhu Confirmed 32 Pass sent
Rashmi Mishra Confirmed 33 Pass Sent
Emma Burgess Reserved 34  Pass sent
Param Confirmed 35 Pass sent
Preeti Madan Joshi Reserved (yet to confirm) 36  Pass Sent
Shobha raj Reserved (yet to confirm) 37  Pass Sent
Ranjana Sharma Reserved (yet to confirm) 38  Pass Sent
Archna Raj Reserved (yet to confirm) 39  Pass Sent
Amitabh Apte Reserved (yet to confirm) 40  Pass Sent
Vidhya Aghanashinikar Reserved (yet to confirm) 41  Pass Sent
Mrinalini Puranik Reserved (yet to confirm) 42  Pass Sent
Krishna Raja Reserved (yet to confirm) 43  Pass Sent
Manpreet Ahtty Reserved (yet to confirm) 44  Pass Sent
Nitin patil Reserved (yet to confirm) 45  Pass Sent
Nineet nangia Reserved (yet to confirm) 46  Pass Sent
Sachi Shreya Reserved (yet to confirm) 47  Pass Sent
Nidhi Maheshwari  Reserved (yet to confirm) 48  Pass Sent
Sukanya’s Guest Confirmed 49  Pass sent
Sanghmitra Mehra Shakya Reserved (yet to confirm) 50  Pass Sent
Menu Gupta Reserved (yet to confirm) 51  Pass Sent
Grace Solanki Reserved (yet to confirm) 52  Pass Sent
Falguni Pattni Reserved (yet to confirm) 53  Pass Sent
Renu Arora Reserved (yet to confirm) 54  Pass Sent
Komal jagwani Reserved (yet to confirm) 55  Pass Sent
Reina Menezes D’costa Reserved (yet to confirm) 56  Pass Sent
Karishma dalal + 1 Confirmed 57  Pass Sent
Sheetal Verma Reserved (yet to confirm) 58  Pass Sent
Bhagya Reddy Confirmed 59  Pass Sent
Karishma. guest Confirmed 60  Pass Sent
Melissa Bass Reserved (yet to confirm) 61  Pass Sent
Maya Vyas Confirmed 62 Pass Sent 
Anushree Bagree Reserved (yet to confirm) 63  Pass Sent
Shailaja chinchole Reserved (yet to confirm) 64  Pass Sent
Vasudha K  Confirmed 65  Pass Sent
Murali  Confirmed 66  Pass Sent
Samrat kanodia  Confirmed 67  Pass Sent
Bhavni Dhutia Confirmed 68  Pass sent
Nadia Maheen Faiz  reserved 69  Pass Sent
Amarjit Gujral  Confirmed 70  Pass Sent
Hana Carter  Confirmed 71  Pass Sent
Sharmin  Guest  Confirmed 72  Pass Sent
Riju Goyal + 1  Confirmed 73  Pass Sent
Radhika Iyer  Confirmed 74  Pass Sent
Rinku Naidu  Confirmed 75  Pass Sent
Ritu Sharma  reserved 76  Pass Sent
Gulshan Arora  reserved 77  Pass Sent
Hetal Shah   reserved 78  Pass Sent
Vivek Bobby Ahtty  reserved 79  Pass Sent
Aarti Sharma  Confirmed 80  Pass Sent
Shipli Goel  reserved 81  Pass Sent
Maria Peters  reserved 82  Pass Sent
Kaushal Patel  reserved 83  Pass Sent
Anushree Khandelwal  Confirmed 84  Pass sent
Shabari Saha  Confirmed 85 Pass sent
Gurjinder Dhaliwal  Confirmed 86  Pass sent
Golden Tree  Confirmed 87  Pass sent
Seema Sagar  Confirmed 88  Pass sent
Jenice Bhatia  Confirmed 89  Pass sent
Riga Mandair  Confirmed 90  Pass sent
Charoo  Confirmed 91 Pass Sent
Kranti Friend  Confirmed 92 Pass sent
Parimala Narayanan  Confirmed 93  Pass sent
Anu Venkataram  Confirmed 94  Pass sent
Anita Gupta  Confirmed 95  Pass sent
Hetal Asher  Confirmed 96  Pass sent
Arti Rawal Vyas  Confirmed 97  Pass sent
Kranti Friend   Confirmed 98  Pass Sent
Kranti Friend   Confirmed 99  Pass Sent
Sharmin Guests  Confirmed 100  Pass  sent
Sharmin Guests  confirmed 101  Pass sent
Rajini Thangellapally  confirmed 102  Pass sent
Rajini Guests  confirmed 103  Pass sent
Rajini Guests  confirmed 104  Pass sent
Harmanpreet Kaur   105  Pass Sent
Jinal Maheshwari  Confirmed 106  Pass  sent
Vinish Maheshwari  Confirmed 107  Pass sent
Vinita Madan Panwar  Confirmed 108  Pass sent
Rohini  Confirmed 109 Pass sent
Rajneesh  Confirmed 110  Pass sent
Priyanka Guest   Confirmed 111  Pass sent
Priyanka Guest   Confirmed 112  Pass sent
Priyanka Guest   Confirmed 113  Pass sent
Priyanka Guest   Confirmed 114  Pass sent
Priyanka Guest   Confirmed 115  Pass sent
Priyanka Guest   Confirmed 116  Pass sent
Priyanka Guest   Confirmed 117  Pass sent
Priyanka Guest   Confirmed 118  Pass sent
Priyanka Guest   Confirmed 119  Pass sent
Priyanka Guest   Confirmed 120  Pass sent
Gayathri Challa  Confirmed 121  Pass Sent
Available   122  
Available   123  
Available   124  
Available   125  
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Waitlist   128  
Waitlist   129  
Waitlist   130  
Waitlist   131  
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wait list   134  
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wait list   139  
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