About us

Welcome to Moizanite, your number one choice for boosting your business and hosting your business Ideas. We are committed to bring change in the life of all the talented Mums who are hardworking but demand freedom over 9 to 6 jobs.

  • Who wants to create something for their own, and also cherish talking and teaching your little ones, being with them whenever they need you.
  • Who wants to Manage their life and work as per their kids comfort not as per their boss’s comfort.
  • Who wants to be content for being professional and also doing parenting Job without guilt, bringing harmony between profession and child care, over drifting between the two.

In the recent past I had an opportunity to interact with many self-employed business women, I was amazed to see the quality of the products and services they create and the price they charge. After spending 10 long years giving advice and creating business models, technology road maps for corporate giants. I had an urge to help all the Self-employed women who cannot afford expensive consultants but have tremendous potential to expand their business, if given a professional assistance to make money from their product, to identify market and to define strategy to reach to client. Unfortunately, many high potential and amazing businesses suffer to grow after certain point due to lack of professional advice on multidimensional business models and technical expertise.

At Moizanite we have network of mums who are constantly helping each other to create and grow each other’s business, either by buying or selling products and services within the network or just contributing by their valuable advice.  I invite you to be a part of our community and support each other.

Sincerely, Director Moizanite